"Even that first year when we sold the lambs off our small flock of 32 ewes we decided that one day we would sell our produce directly to the consumer. We didn't know how or when but that was always the end goal. That was around 7years ago now and we've been slowly edging ever closer to being able to fulfill that pipedream of ours."

Chris has farming in his blood and spent his childhood on his family farm in Kent. Sadly he had to leave due to a bereavement so took the path of becoming a plumber.  Zoë spent her childhood outdoors with her imaginary animals and tent making. At 18 she moved to London to train as a hairdresser where she spent all her time until she met Chris and slowly migrated back to Kent. Slowly they have built up their flocks and herds until now they have quite a menagerie of animals, grazing pockets of land allover the county (and beyond). One thing is for certain, the passion they have for their livestock is ever present. Even in the wettest winter or the dryest summer they strive for nothing but the best. 

Farming is a gruelling lifestyle and you have to truely, wholeheartedly want to do it because it's all consuming, 365 days a year, come rain or shine, 24hours a day. They are fortunate to have the dynamics of a great team (aside from the rows during sorting sheep!) and that alongside their sky-high standards of care for their livestock bodes well for their new venture "the little farm fridge".